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Hi I am Helen M Wood

My name is Helen Wood and this is my very first blog. It is my intention to blog on a semi-regular basis, about all health matters. I have the Wood Hygienic Institute Inc. in Kissimmee Florida. The Wood Hygienic Institute has been a licensed Post-Secondary School by the Florida Board of Education since 1989. I have worked in the health field since 1979 starting out in Chicago, Illinois. In 1980 had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Robert A. Wood, he was a Naturopathic Chiropractor from Portage, Indiana. I took my very first classes in Colonic Irrigation and Massage Therapy, and I had the pleasure of teaching and working with Dr. Robert A. Wood for three years until his passing in September of 1983.

I started Wood Hygienic Institute in the spring of 1984 where I taught both massage and colon therapy. In 1989 I moved to Florida and became licensed as a Post-Secondary School. Licensed by the Florida Board of Education teaching both massage and colon therapy. The school is actually license under colonic irrigation. I taught colonic irrigation for the first two years then added the massage therapy curriculum. Wood Hygienic Institute Inc. is still teaching a full curriculum in both colonic and massage therapy. We teach both classes Monday through Friday. Florida's Licensing Laws require a minimum training in Massage Therapy of 500 hundred hours and 100 hours in Colon Therapy. In Florida you must be a licensed massage therapist in order for you to do colonic irrigation.

Florida is the only state that has a licensing law for colonic irrigation. Most other states have laws for massage therapy but not colon therapy. If you would like information about Colon therapy or Massage therapy courses please contact us by phone 407-933-0009 or you may email us at and check our website

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Thanks, Helen 

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