Professional School Of Massage and Colon Therapy 

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Massage Therapy Program: 

We have designed our 500 Hour Massage Therapy Program from the required standards of the Florida Board of Education and  also the Florida Board of Massage.   We are proud to say we have a 98% pass rate for

                                            the national massage exam.

Massage Class Tuition:

Necessary to complete the program:

Massage Therapy                                          $5,000.00 

                                         Curriculum Text Books                  (Approx)  $  400.00   

                                         Registration fee                                             $  150.00   

                                        Total Course Tuition                         $5,550.00       

Massage Class Schedule Session Start Dates:

 Starting Dates    March 16, 2020

                             June 22, 2020

                             August 31, 2020