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The Massage and colonics classes emphasize how both therapies have evolved for the public and the therapist, while teaching an understanding of the role of the therapist including available working situations, anatomy, physiology and the various philosophies and methods of massage, bodyworks and colon therapy. An emphasis is placed on the requirements of the Florida licensing laws governing massage and colon therapists and meeting all State and Local requirements including Florida Statutes and Rules.

Our Colon Therapy program has been established to enlighten the student on methods to properly cleanse the colon utilizing the body's own natural abilities thus enhancing absorption and elimination. This program is a total of 100 hours which may be taken concurrently with the massage therapy program or at any time after you become a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Classes

Massage Therapy Class

500 Hour Massage Therapy Course

Colon Therapy

100 Hour Colon Therapy Program

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